FIFA 11 PC – Its finally here !!

For all you Football fanatics out there here’s the exclusive look at the new installment of the FIFA series by EA Sports

Just two years ago it seemed as if EA Sports had turned its back completely on the PC. With big franchises like NHL and Madden being stripped altogether, it was only FIFA that was left to stumble onwards.

And stumble it did; whereas on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 FIFA has established itself as the finest football game available, on the PC it’s been less convincing of. There have been a few wayward attempts at innovation – such as FIFA 09’s introduction of mouse and keyboard play – but it’s been lagging behind its console counterparts in almost every regard, the PC version of FIFA 10 a pale imitation of its full-blooded brethren.

With the introduction of FIFA Superstars and FIFA Online, it’s tempting to think that, for the core FIFA experience, EA Sports has indeed abandoned the PC – or at the very least wilfully neglected it. It’s an approach that’s acknowledged by the talk surrounding the reveal of FIFA 11 on the PC – in the past, PC has suffered, but this year EA Sports is keen to make amends.

It’s doing that by using, for the very first time, the engine that’s propelled the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions to such success. Confusingly EA insists on calling it the next-generation engine, and while it’s not as good as what we’re expecting from whatever Microsoft and Sony’s hardware divisions have lined up for us in the future it’s certainly impressive.

The added grunt is used to paint the sparkling animations and bold character models we’ve come accustomed to with eye-blistering clarity, and all it asks for in return is a dual core processor with 1Gb of RAM and a fairly basic graphics card.

FIFA 11 on PC is also acknowledging the hardware in other ways too; there’s LAN play, support for up to 35 different game pads with fully mappable controls as well as the capacity for VOIP. After all these years in the wilderness it sounds too good to be true.

That’s because in some regards it is. FIFA 11’s play is last year’s console iteration sprinkled with some of the learnings of the FIFA World Cup 2010 game. That’s no catastrophe, and at its core it’s still the same muscular and graceful brand of football that wowed us last year with some of the niggles – the often absent-minded keepers and cheap chip shots to name but two – ironed out.

But it’s lacking several of this year’s big new features – there’s no Personality Plus, for example, nor is there the Pro Passing that’s helped to refine the play of the other HD versions of FIFA 11, and while EA touts this as the next-gen experience it feels remarkably like playing last year’s game.

There are more PC-specific features to be revealed at a later date that may quell our early scepticism, but for now we’re left thinking that with other versions looking like the best yet and so many other ways to engage with FIFA on the PC that EA Sports could be set to score an own goal.


In terms of gameplay, the new FIFA 11 is not much to do with the old version on the PC FIFA 10 – but now the game controls completely different: In the past we always had the impression that the players moving to edgy, and now they do right movements when dribbling, running in their behavior and shots. The players can now benefit from a true 360 degree control and can move when you move the analog stick on the gamepad in all directions. In addition, players can now also take on balls in the barrel, without getting extra stand for it.

Also, the ball behavior is in direct comparison to FIFA 10 PC completely different and newcomers who have not previously played on the console, probably first have to get used a little of the new flight paths. Whether a goal is achieved his goal now clearly evident to the player attributes and skills on the gamepad, as long as I hold the shot button. The same applies to passports and flanks.

The “new” gameplay on the PC is very much on the gameplay of FIFA 10 release on console – who had already played FIFA 10 on the console, will find themselves immediately and rightly so – that could be, especially for online players a great advantage. Some details have been improved, however, it is for example no longer so easy to überlupfen the goalkeeper.

Game Modes :

FIFA 11 contains complete on the PC or other game modes like the version in the previous year:

Manager mode :

The “new” Manager Mode in FIFA 11 PC based for the most part already known from the Manager Mode from the console version of FIFA 10th This was, however, slightly edited and reviews and criticism from the community were considered. Thus, some bugs and unpleasant situations were resolved.

In the manager mode of FIFA 11 to make the players strengths and weaknesses clearly noticeable, the formation of the team and also the position of the players are now considered more than in FIFA 10 PC. Whether and how transfers come about now depends much more on several decision points: how is the prestige of the team? What is the experience and the cadres of the team? In addition the AI now takes better into the action with a wiser and trying to acquire players also.

The development of players depends on many factors – especially interesting is the distribution of development talent, mental and physical ability. While the mental ability and talent allows up to old age is a positive player development, has the physical ability (age, injury, etc …) is negative to this.

Be A Pro: Seasons

may again is the well-known already from the last years Virtual Pro: You can create your own player in FIFA go with you on a journey through the FIFA world. The settings of the player are very detailed, so its appearance can be set very accurately and its basic player features are defined. Now is to assign his players a team where he can develop and where he will play from now on.
In Be A Pro Season mode, it is now my task, I choose a club with which I can argue with my virtual one per season. This only I control my Virtual Pro players – the other player takes the AI. By good positional play and good passes, shots and goals I get a better player rating – just as it is lowered by fouls, bad passes and tickets again. If I’m just not in the possession of the ball I have the opportunity to call out to my fellow players instructions to run it – if the situation allows it – too. So I can call out a player that he is supposed to fit your players or the ball to my flanks or I’ll call if I want that the AI players shoot on goal.

In the course of the season – but also in every other game where I use my Virtual Pro – the Virtual Pro developed further – so do I unlock other accessories or increase my attributes.

Tournament mode :

The tournament mode is basically explained quickly: Here it is possible to act out various real tournaments. This is primarily about games and not about the functions of the Manager Mode: No transfer, no club management – just games only. For the German-speaking countries here are the tournaments in the first Bundesliga, 2 Bundesliga, the DFB Cup and the Supercup DFL available – just as all known tournaments in the licensed international leagues are included.

Multiplayer mode :

In FIFA 11 there are various ways to human players compete against others:

Head to Head Match :

The Head to Head Match is a game against a random online opponent – ideal for a quick game in between.

Online Lobby :

In search of online opponents, the online lobby is very useful. Here you can search for specific games, and determine options such as game type, capacity, etc …. If one has found a suitable match, you can join this easy.

Online Team Play :

This is basically the online version of the Be A Pro mode, “Here I can run up to 9 other players online to play a common game by the rules of Be A Pro: Each player controls their own players – so here’s actually Team Play in demand. The team selection is on the FIFA 11 PC version, however, first to 5 vs. 5 limited.

LAN Play :

Tools developed for the PC LAN play mode is the one in a local network without a connection to the EA servers can connect two or more computers. Ideally, for each party or LAN for multiplayer games on multiple PCs at home. The LAN mode has its own lobby, in either a game can host (and can thereby make extensive settings) or can join an existing game.

Pro Club Championship :

This mode is more or less the same that it was already on the console version of FIFA 10: I can search online for a club I can join. With my teammates, I can now compete online games against other clubs – these are like the online team play with up to 5 vs. 5 players.

Additional Features :

Under the menu item My FIFA 11 Online Messager was a kind of built that will help communicate with his friends to jump in the game. Here I can add new friends, send messages or invite them to a game.
The penalty kick system is once again the old system that was included in FIFA 10 – so it is not the shooting system of the FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa game included.

New to the game are the two German commentators: Immediately Manni Breuckmann will comment on the games, Frank Buschmann will support him as co-commentator. This definitely bring some more variety in the commentary of recent years. At our auditions we noticed that the comments were much looser. Overall, the commentaries of the two fit quite well with the current game. However it from ever happening and that they slip out an improper verdict.

The game supports gamepads 35, whose keyboard layout you can fully determine. This is done in two ways: the keys can be changed in the game in the options. These changes are not saved, however, as soon as FIFA 11 new starts, again over the standard settings. If you want to change the keyboard layout the long term, then you must add a little this included in a program for settings in Windows. Gamepads that are not officially supported, will also work – here it can happen, however, that perhaps one or the other button is not recognized correctly.

System Requirements

Who does not have a high-end PC, you must not worry: the graphics settings of FIFA 11 are scalable. You can set the options yourself, play as much detail and in what resolution you want – if the game is so jerky, then you should scale down the graphics settings easy.

Those who have a dual core processor at 2.4 GHz, a graphics card with 256 MB memory and 2 GB of RAM (1 GB for Windows XP only), in which the game should run loose – these are the recommended system requirements from EA Sports.

Direct comparison to FIFA 10 PC

In general, FIFA 11 on the PC a completely different game, the controls are completely different and includes new features. This I have already mentioned.

However, omitted some features that were included in last year’s FIFA 10 version on the PC. Live Season for FIFA 10 will not be included, but we were told that this in FIFA 12 will be there again. I find it a pity that the interesting combination of keyboard and mouse control, which was in FIFA 10 PC it no longer exists. The team introduced in FIFA 10 PC FIFA Styles missing in 11th

Here are some Images of the Game and the Intro video

here’s the video


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