NetBeans 6.9.1 released

As you all might be knowing NetBeans is a free open source IDE for software development. Basically, you can create Desktop Applications, Web-based Applications, Mobile Applications & Enterprise Applications using JAVA in NetBeans. Also you can create C/C++ programs in Netbeans IDE.

So in all NetBeans is a very powerful IDE(Integrated Development Environment) that can be used to create very good looking and powerful applications in a very simple way.

The latest version of Netbeans is the Netbeans 6.9.1.

Its features are:

  • JavaFX Composer
  • Support for JavaFX SDK 1.3
  • Support for the PHP Zend framework
  • OSGi interoperability
  • Ruby on Rails 3.0
  • Well lets start with understanding the following:

    Java Desktop Application-

    Well as the name suggests it is a desktop application which can be created using the Swing library. NetBeans provides a Swing GUI builder which can reduce a lot of effort and hence lead to more productivity. The basic aim of providing such builder was only to help the user focus more on programming rather than the GUI.

    Java Enterprise and Web Applications-

    A very good web based application can be created using this.  Build web applications using CSS, JavaScript, and JSP: Support for frameworks includes JSF (Facelets), Struts, Spring, Hibernate, and a full set of tools for Java EE 6, CDI, GlassFish 3, EJB, and web services development.

    JAVA Mobile Applications-

    Create Mobile applications for Mobile devices using JAVA ME SDK 3.0 combined with JavaFX Mobile.

    C & C++ Development-

    Create C/C++ programs, test them , debug them all in a single IDE. Also run multiple projects at one time which cannot be done in Turbo C++ IDE.

    JavaFX Composer-

    JavaFX Composer is a new visual editor plugin for NetBeans 6.8 (similar to Project Matisse for Swing) that uses components in the JavaFX SDK.  DZone recently interviewed the JavaFX Tools QA Team lead at Sun Microsystems, Lukas Hasik, to see how developers were responding to the new tool and find out when the GA release is coming.  The plugin is still in the process of adding more features, and community feedback is crucial for deciding those features.  It currently resembles tools like Flash Builder and Microsoft Blend, but it makes things easier on developers who don’t have design training.

    for more information on NetBeans 6.9.1 visit the link given below:

    here is the release note of NetBeans 6.9.1



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