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To IT or Not to IT

This post is for all the people who want to make a career in IT industry.

Well, if you guys think IT industry is an easy source of income, then just remove the thought from your mind because it is the most stressing sector.

IT industry has one simple motto-PERFORM or PERISH.

You don’t work extra time to earn more money but you do so to keep your job intact. The competition is so intense and cut throat that performance matters a lot. Hence there is an inherent pressure on every employee to perform since there are many others standing in the queue to take up the same position.

So a lot of stress is generated because of this pressure of performance and the insecurity of job.

It’s like a mirage that a thirsty traveler sees in the desert. It calls you towards itself and you jump to it like anything.

The Flytrap that looks beautiful in appearance but when a fly goes near it, it traps it. Well not in complete literal sense but IT industry can be compared to the Flytrap and the employee to the Fly. It does not kill the employee but the burdens of work do lead to a similar state.

I am not saying that it is the worst industry in the world but what I want to say here is that its not where you think that you would go at 9 in the morning and come back at 7 in the evening keeping work at the office. Its an industry where you might have to work whole night at office or at home.

Every penny you get from an It Firm should earn at least 5-10 times for the firm. Like for example if you are getting 2000Rs a day from an IT firm then the firm expects you to earn 10000Rs a day for it from the Client.

Well, last week I was at my brother’s place in Pune. He and his friends all work for IT industry and they all work like hell to earn their salaries. His friend works in a big MNC in the support side. This guy goes to office at 8a.m comes back at 7p.m, eats his dinner at 8p.m and starts work again at 9p.m with a meeting with the client. This meeting takes sometimes 4-5 hours thus resulting in only a meager of 5 hours of sleep.

Still this guy is happy about this because he enjoys his work. My brother also has a somewhat similar routine but not this hectic but he also enjoys his work.

Thus here I just want to say that IT industry is only for those who enjoy what they do and are ready to adjust with the demands of the industry. It’s not for those who want to earn just a big fat salary Its for those who have a dream about it and not just a simple dream but a dream which is long seen and craved for.

In short I just want to say that don’t choose IT because it gives good salary and that it is booming, but choose it if you think its your dream to be in it. Before you make your choice ask yourself a few questions-

“Is IT for me?”

“Am I ready to face the challenges it throws at me?”

“Will I survive?”

And go for it if and only if you get a positive response from your heart.

Well then Best of Luck!!

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