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Firefox 4 beta for mobile now available for download


Mozilla has released the first beta version of their mobile web browser- Firefox4 Mobile. The beta is compatible with Android and Maemo phones.This beta version sports major speed and performance improvements over the previous Fennec pre-alpha and alpha versions. And just as a refresher, those versions were not compatible with Android phones. Mozilla, had however, been offering Firefox Home for Android users allowing them to sync data from the Firefox browser on their PC to their mobile.

The Firefox4 Mobile beta allows users to sync bookmarks, tabs, passwords and history between the PC and the mobile, thanks to the built-in Firefox Sync feature.

The browser also has the pinch to zoom feature for multi-touch capable touchscreen phones. The Awesome Screen feature allows you access to all data like bookmarks, history and the opened tabs by just tapping the address bar.

If you want to see the complete Release Note of this release, click here and if that convinces you to download Firefox4 Mobile beta, then download from here.

source – ndtv.gadgets.com

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