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TechAshram is back !!

Sorry guys for being away for such a long time. Actually I was busy with my website Technanimous and my Final year project. Now since Technanimous has been established, I felt it’s my duty to concentrate on TechAshram as well. So from today onwards, TechAshram will get  updated regularly and you guys will get your share of latest technology related news and more importantly my personla view on them.

So, gear up for some latest updates now !


A GUI program using NetBeans

Well this is a GUI program that I have created using Netbeans.
In this program the computer generates a Random Number after hitting the Generate button which the user has to guess.
The User enters his Number and hits the Check button to check if the number matches Computer’s number.
The user has a maximum of 5 chances to check the number and the computer gives hints on every wrong guess.

Hello world!

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